Transfer A Theta Man NFT

How do I transfer my Theta Man NFT?

Before you begin, please be aware that moving a token comes with a risk and we shall not be held responsible for the loss of your token. Nobody can recover a token if sent to a wrong address. Please proceed with extreme caution. We do not recommend moving a token, unless absolutely necessary.

Step 1: Go to and enter your wallet address holding the token to be transferred.

Step 2: Click on NFT tab and write down your token ID number. (You will need this number in Step 9. If your address holds more than one NFT, make sure to identify the correct token ID number. Token ID number of your Theta Man NFT differs from your Theta Man's serial number! Do not use serial number displayed when viewing your token. If not sure, you may click the token ID number to display the token image itself and its associated serial number corresponding to a particular token ID number.)

Step 3: Log in to the Official Theta Web wallet. Make sure you have at least 40 Tfuel in your wallet. (Note: It will only cost about 0.5 Tfuel to move the token but the send transaction will not execute if the Tfuel balance is below 40.)

Step 4: Under the logo click on Contract.

Step 5: Click on Interact with Contract.

Step 6: Enter Theta Man's smart contract address:
Theta Man on the Moon - 0xff290451c54a6ebd390287b4db18058a0e892cde

Theta Staker, Tfuel Staker, Vault: - 0x3ce1b5615f5bd3a037211ba11c922b93c7c32068

Step 7: Enter the following ABI code:

Step 8: From the Function drop down menu select transferFrom.

Step 9: Under Function Inputs enter the sending wallet address (from), the receiving wallet (to) and the token ID number you wish to transfer.

Step 10: Click Write, after you have double checked the token ID and the receiving address.

Step 11: Enter your wallet password and click Confirm & Execute. It will take between 20 seconds to about a minute to transfer. (Note: In the Theta Wallet window the "from" address is your sending wallet and the "to" address is the smart contract address, not the address receiving the token.)

Congratulations you have just completed your first NFT transfer!

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